10 000 visits to date!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Although my blog's been around for some time, I've finally reached a landmark of having been read 10000 times! Considering that the counter came only much later after I started blogging, there should relatively be more visits than that. Still, if I consider from the point I installed the counter, I'd say reaching 5 digits is pretty decent.

My blog isn't about some niche interest, or specific to any one issue or genre. It's a mixture of many different types of things, and since it's a PERSONAL blog, not to be narcissistic or anything, it's obviously about... me! It's a potpourri of issues and things which matter to me, or sometimes DON'T matter to me. It's about my ups and downs in life. It's about my likes and dislikes. My 'journalism' is far from perfect, and I'm ashamed to admit, even downright pathetic. Still one does ones best. I'm quite proud of this little place on the web I've carved for myself. It gives me a small sense of achievement.

In any case, it's still reading week. It's still exam time and there are things to study / do. Complacency would be the killer for me, so I better buck up. A short celebration in the form of a post is hardly wrong I guess, but one shouldn't take things too far no?

Back to work!

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Posted by Gerald at 11/20/2007 09:17:00 PM