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Friday, May 25, 2007

I've been trying to keep my head above the water so far, and by the grace of God, this week, I've managed to do pretty well. But good things don't last forever. The honest truth is that I'm not exactly doing so well right now. I've been praying very hard, and I know that since last weekend, my heart has been set right with God, and I've been closer to Him than I've ever been before. Still, things like that doesn't happen without the devil sitting back and doing nothing, and so there have been ups and downs this whole week, and now it's not all good.

Don't worry, I'm not very depressed or anything. I guess I just thought that since I felt so much closer to God, life would be a whole lot easier to go through. That's not entirely correct, but it's not entirely wrong either. I do manage to seek God's help a lot easier now, but the devil is doing whatever he can to rock my boat. It's times like this that I remember last week's new worship song, which I'd like to share here. This song got me through the entire week, reminding me just how to surrender to God.

Who am I
That You would know me from the start
Set me apart
Who am I
That You would place eternity
Into my heart

You have given to me
More than this world could give
My purpose is found
In You

One life, I lay at Your altar
One love, I have with You
Touch me again
Fill me as You hold
My outstretched hand
One word, You know I will follow
One heart, broken to You
Use me again
Your mercies follow me
For all my days

In Your presence
In Your power
Holy Spirit I surrender

Lord, I lay my life at Your altar. Do to me as You would. My heart is broken before You, total surrender. Just say the word, and I will follow. I pray that as I do this, You'll give me more grace, more strength, more perseverance, to face whatever lies ahead... good or bad...

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Posted by Gerald at 5/25/2007 01:16:00 AM