Being the 'Computer Guy'

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I really identify with this article, largely because I do know a little bit more about computers than most people do. No, I'm not an expert, and no, I don't claim to be really knowledgeable about everything computer related, so I totally relate to what the author of that article goes through.

I think we now live in an age where using a service or tool is very easy, and because everything has been abstracted out for us and simplified, we've taken these services and tools for granted. We don't need to know ANYTHING about how things work, just how to use them, which kind of summarizes how people view computers. Computers are unfortunately, almost essential to some people, and having it 'not work' is simply a huge problem. It doesn't help that they know NOTHING about how to fix it.

Although I generally like helping people to fix their computer problems, it sometimes comes to the point where it becomes irritating. I don't mind helping people who genuinely need help, and who actually try to understand what's wrong so that they won't need to fix it again. They are conscious that I'm doing them a favour by helping them out, and don't take it for granted that I will do things for them anytime they feel like it. They respect my time, and I usually do my best to help them out. Unfortunately, there are also a small number of people who actually couldn't be bothered with what's happening to their computer and expect me to be the 'one time fix' for their ailing machine. They don't know what they want you to do, nor do they know what can or ought to be done to their computer. They don't even know if it's working right. All they do is ask you to look at my machine, and fix it please. They don't even know what's WRONG with it. And when you ask them some questions to clarify or explain to them some things, they give you a "that's why I'm asking you to help me! I don't know!" kind of answer. Talk about a serious WASTE OF TIME!

In any case, I'm feeling totally out now... It must be because I'm tired, or thinking too much... Why is it that I seem to be worse off after the exams than before? Sadly, things just seem like it's the worst about now... Throwing in the towel seems like a good option... Although I somehow know it won't happen...

God help me...

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Posted by Gerald at 5/05/2007 10:43:00 PM