Ragnarok Revisited

Friday, May 04, 2007

Post exams, with a lot of time, what else is there to do except play a few games? I tried some MMORPGs, and I HONESTLY tried to play them for real, but NUS' Network just doesn't seem to like us students playing. EVERY game outside the network is laggy, unstable and totally UNPLAYABLE. After repeated attempts at trying to tunnel through, and STILL failing to achieve sufficient playability, I threw in the towel and decided to approach things differently.

Remember a time when Ragnarok Online was really hot? Well, I started my own little server, internally, on the NUS network. It's not really all that great, I admit, but it's fun when you get to play it with quite a number of people. As it stands, we have just under 10 players, which may seem imperatively insignificant, but we're growing little by little, and it might just be a lot of fun to see a community of players leveling, PVPing and MVPing together. Online games are MEANT to be community based, and our community is small, but it's very FUN to be a part of. PLUS, since we're on a network which doesn't go across the internet, lag is virtually irrelevant.

Since the server is hosted on my PC, it's on pretty much 24 / 7 (not like that's very different from normal). I also have the job of making sure everything runs smoothly, and I'm not spoiling it by cheating. The one rule I stick to, is to use my Admin powers ONLY to resolve problems or test our stuff in the game, but NEVER to be part of my playing. Which is essentially why I use two separate accounts. It keeps me honest, and that's very important to me personally.

That aside, I still think RO is a cute game with lots of potential. True, a lot of new things have come up since I last played, but that only serves to add more new things that I can explore. I'm still excited about the game, although I guess in the long run, it won't last very far. At least we all have fun while we can.

That's what the game is about after all.

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Posted by Gerald at 5/04/2007 02:57:00 AM