Avenue Q

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I spent a whopping $100 to catch this show, but it was worth every dollar. The show was hilarious, and the cast was awesome IMHO. The lead girl was amazing, being able to have a conversation with herself switching between two very different and unique voices. I am very impressed. The lead guy too, had a really great voice, and I'm very inspired! I wish I could sing like that.

The show itself covered a wide variety of things that we often think about, but will never publicly talk about due to political incorrectness. It's a very 'Western' setting though, so issues such as finding your own place after college, finding purpose and meaning in life, one night stands and the like might be lost on certain people. The show's take on racism and homosexuality are probably what most people truly think, but wouldn't admit it to anyone even if asked.

The songs were absolutely MAGNIFICENT. I take my hats off to the lyricist, whoever he/she is. The tunes were very catchy, but to me, it is the quality of the lyrics that makes it truly amazing. I couldn't help buying the soundtrack.

The content is very adult themed, so vulgarities and sexual innuendos were everywhere. Definitely not for the conservative, there's even an actual 'sex scene'. While I don't subscribe to those values, understanding why others do help me enjoy the show and 'appreciate' the jokes.

All in all, it is definitely a fun watch. I'd like to go again, but it has already blown a hole in my pocket, so I'll need to save up the coming weeks. If you enjoy witty dialog, songs and appreciate superb lyrics that 'fit' a song but at the same time carry punchlines and quality humour, then Avenue Q is a MUST WATCH!

Posted by Gerald at 11/13/2008 12:21:00 AM