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Monday, March 19, 2007

So lately, I've been writing quite a number of essays, either as an assignment or to express discontent, or to help others out with their cover letter. I wouldn't say my writing is perfect, but I do take pride in one ability that I feel I'm very blessed to have: To ENJOY writing!

Yes, you heard me. Unlike the huge number of people who shun or dislike essays, I actually feel I have an affinity with them, particularly if the topic is something that I feel strongly for. The whole reason why I even bother to blog is because I like to 'pen' down what I think, and they usually cover from a whole spectrum of things. As you've probably noticed, I'm very interested in things like God, Technology (or Geek stuff), Anime, Digital Art, and Social Issues. Just take a look at my bookmarks and you will see that they are categorised into things like Computer Development, Anime, Games... which is probably similar to a lot of guys. All my blog posts can be put in any one of those headings, or perhaps in two or more of them. I enjoy writing about them. It's the telling of my experiences and stories, of my interests and life. It's addictive!

I could probably attribute my innate affection for compositions to my innate tendency to enjoy arguments; Arguments in the sense of "Philosophy of reasoning" and not necessarily the arguments in the sense of "verbal abuse or fights". The difference lies in the fact that the former involves premises, logic and justification, whereas the latter focuses more on the emotional aspect. I like to structure my thoughts logically and present them as a 'case' for others to consider. I imagine my writings to be able to at least make an impact or leave an impression on the reader, and not just to be a garble of text. This motivates me to write better, clearer, more logically and with better flair than I normally would. Having the drive to do it makes things really simple.

Language is of course, an important aspect in writings. My command of English is far from masterful, but it is at least strong enough to allow me certain advantages when creating a composition. For starters, I verbalise the sentences I type, testing them to see if they sound right if I spoke them out loud. Inevitable, I make a lot of changes as some of the sentences need to be rectified. I cannot explain grammar, because to be honest, my command of it theoretically is next to none, as I have no idea what rules a 'past-participle' ought to follow. Instead, I merely 'test' the grammar by reading the sentence in my head to see if it SOUNDS correct. This probably has to do with the fact that I REALLY enjoyed reading A LOT when I was younger. I will never forget Enid Blyton. Eventually I graduated to authors like Tom Clancy, Jeffrey Archer and Isaac Asimov. I devoured books like crazy, and even now, I take roughly a day to complete a book like the Da Vinci Code. No, this doesn't happen because I read fast, it happens because I just can't put the book down. Getting addicted to a book is really bad for me, especially when there are other things to do, like homework. In any case, if anyone ever asks me why my English is above average, I'd confidently say that there is only one reason, I loved to read.

All in all, these various aspects come together to 'explain' just why I enjoy writing so much, whether it's an essay, a narrative, or an argument, I simply don't find it difficult to write as long as the subject matter is interesting. (My interest only goes so far for SOME topics) Of course, I still have a long way to go, and there are many areas to improve my essay writings. It does make me wonder whether I made the wrong choice of my major though, considering I seem to do pretty well in arts modules, especially those involving argumentative style essays. I probably need to find my niche, but that's the problem with a person who dabbles in a little bit of everything: You become the Jack of all trades, but master of none.

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Posted by Gerald at 3/19/2007 04:33:00 AM