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Sunday, March 11, 2007

The first thing I noticed when I first saw a poster of 300, was that it was gory... Very gory... Watching the trailer emphasized that point, and the moment I saw it, I thought 'Sin City'.

Frank Miller has done it again.

I just caught the show and it is definitely worth the watch. It was rated M18, largely due to the fact that it has very gory scenes (decapitated heads are just the beginning) and nudity as well as sexual content (not explicit of course). Personally, it wouldn't have made a very big difference if it was censored, but to finally watch a FULL movie in the cinema without the sudden cuts was refreshing.

I came back and immediately checked the storyline because it intrigued me. Surprisingly, the story was quite accurate. Wikipedia explains History of Sparta and Leonidas. If you don't know the history, perhaps it would be better not to read it before you watch the show, since it's so accurate it might just spoil it.

The show itself was amazing. In the same flavour as Sin City, the scenes were 'cartoonised' and thus less upsetting. It was totally interesting throughout. I'm amazed by just how well they manage to portray characters that are both distinctly human, and cartoonish. Just watch the trailer and you'll see what I mean. It adds real depth to the movie. Also, there were a lot of Matrix like scenes, lots of blood and flying limbs, artistic nudity and cool effects to boost the experience.

The story itself was obviously modified a little for entertainment. It was politics, betrayal, deception, courage, valor, sacrifice, and pride all wrapped into a neat package of about 2 hours. The story was believable, engaging, and historical, which made it seem even more real. Numbers were exaggerated of course, as it was not a million vs 300, but it was certainly exciting to see a small army stand up to a much larger one and take down a significant number of them.

For eye candy, let's say that girls will be drooling all over the six eight packs of the almost naked Spartans. There's only ONE girl in the whole movie who has a name, although she's not that bad. I'd also think that Xerxes wasn't straight after seeing the movie... Though I might be wrong. His body piercings must've hurt though.

Still, the movie has its flaws. For one thing, the whole movie has only one 'setting', typical of Frank Miller I suppose, but it can get a bit boring to see only scened and scened of war cries and splattering blood all in the same gloomy like background of mostly brown. It can get tiresome.

Despite that, I really enjoyed the movie. It's a good watch, lots of excitement, lots of energy, it's not TOO emotional, and with cool effects and sound, it's probably already worth the money I spent. It could've been better, but then it wouldn't be a Frank Miller.

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Posted by Gerald at 3/11/2007 02:59:00 AM