Google not so original

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Guess what I came across Stumbling around? NetVibes. Familiar? It should be. It seems this has been around for quite some time. (Judging from the welcome screen which shows the browser versions it supports). I guess Google Home isn't that original after all.

BUT, I will say that having to sign in to ONLY Google to access all its services is ONE advantage it has over NetVibes. After all, I can access many different Google services by signing on to only one account. Although NetVibes DOES support GMail and has a whole list of RSS/ATOM feeds pre-configured, it basically requires ANOTHER sign-up to customise it. I already have a GMail account, so why is would I want to sign-up if Google is offering the same thing with just one account? Admittedly, I didn't discover this earlier, although if I did, I'd probably have used it.

Nontheless, I thought Google Home was Google Inc's brainchild, something that was original and innovative. Seems I was wrong. On reflection though, I'm thinking that probably NOTHING Google has to offer is significantly innovative... They merely come up with superb improvements, building on the ideas of others. They provide QUALITY service, centralising all the cool stuff on the net in one place. I guess they deserve credit for just doing that. It IS much simpler and more 'productive' to work this way...

After all, Google is one huge giant on the internet, and NOBODY can rival it just now... Sorry, IMHO, Yahoo falls REAL short.

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Posted by Gerald at 3/11/2007 10:09:00 PM