Downside of having too much time...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Boredom... The worse thing that can happen to any youth. We constantly strive to keep ourselves occupied with interesting activities, but when they fail to appeal to our interest anymore... it's hard not to be bored. Still, having nothing to do is better than having too many things to do and no time to do them. :)

Today, was a spectacular day for my family. I remember sharing that although me, my mother and my sister have been praying for my father for the past decade or so, he seemed pretty hardened on not accepting Christ. However, I truly felt that God can work miracles, and you never know, it might just be this period. Truly God is faithful. Somehow, when I said it, I took it by faith, and even though there was a nagging thought that maybe it may not be, I believed that now was as good a time as ever, and it certainly was. My dad came to Christ today... And I really almost couldn't believe it! In fact, when I told my sister, she called back telling me not to play practical jokes like that. My mother cried when he said the sinners prayer, and I am truly happy. This year will truly end greater than the way it started!

With this in mind, I also believe that one other area in my life will be better than the way it started this year. Perhaps now isn't the time to go into details just yet, but placing my trust in God and with Him guiding my steps, I truly believe that God will not let me down. I've been praying over this everyday for the past couple of months, and I believe that the time for decision is coming soon... and I want more than anything to make that decision according to God's will! I will say that many people have been speaking into my life through this period, and I do not believe they are merely coincidental... So in You, O God, I place my trust!

Posted by Gerald at 12/11/2005 07:26:00 PM