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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've been getting quite a number of prods to update my seemingly defunct blog. Rest assured, I'm still very much alive and doing well. Work isn't exactly the most exciting thing to blog about at the moment, and it's more or less the only thing I have going at the moment, unless you'd like posts after posts of what is probably geek speak.

So, what's been happening? First thing that comes to mind is of course the annual Raffles Hall concert. This year was a pretty interesting and daring take of crime and mystery. First off, my hats off to marketing and fund raising for not only securing excellent sponsors but also raising sufficient funds. The support team this year was magnificent IMHO. The booklet was original and fresh, which made it very unique. However, I really question the necessity for PR as a sub-committee. I don't think they did a bad job though...

From the producer's point of view I'd think the management did make a very good decision to cut down the number of days at UCC. It was something that was considered before, but discarded previously mostly because there was more reliance on our own technical team. It's probably proven to be most cost saving to just rely on UCC technicians instead of letting tech try to run on their own. They may not learn as much, but I think that must be the way to go moving forward.

As for the performance, I must say the cast were very talented this time around. The script itself was ambitious enough, and it's a good sign when so many talented people can actually be found in hall. Not everything was perfect, and IMHO, based on their talent, they could really have done better... but the show was nonetheless a good watch. Singing wise, I think they put in a lot of effort as it was pretty obvious they weren't all very good singers, but they hit the right pitches and the effort showed. Dance wise, I personally felt they could've been sharper too, but that's just the cynical side wanting to point out problems. After all, I do know that due to complications, they didn't have as much time to practice it. Acting wise, I felt that they did quite well the first half, and a lot of impromptu additions during the final show was nice... but by the second half, quite a number of them fell flat. I think they got a bit too complacent or tired then, and it showed. Thankfully, it was pretty minor... although it definitely would've added to the quality of the performance if they did it better, or not done it at all.

Anyhow, concert was pretty successful this time around. I at least know that the members enjoyed themselves, and me as the 'bo liao', busybody, nothing better to do than go down and disturb alumni really miss having all that. Enjoy it while it lasts people!

Moving on, cell is going through change these few weeks, with some people being transferred out. A bit sad, but it's all in the life of a cell. Looking forward to greater things God will be doing...

Personally, I've been trying hard to persuade some people to catch Avenue Q with me, but it appears not very many people share the same excitement for it; They're either put off by the price or worried they wouldn't appreciate the content. So, sad to say, I still can't find someone to join me to catch it. Hopefully, maybe, I can still catch it somehow. There's also a local Snow White production coming (Note: Director is Hossan Leong so...) It's obviously an adaptation and meant to be satirical, but AGAIN, people have to be able to appreciate the content, and I don't know very many people who do... Please prove me wrong...

I got my Singapore PR, so I'm officially 'Singaporean' so to speak.

Yup, that's about all the updates I have. Work is... work... but at least I seem to be doing well enough. Maybe I'll have an update on this when there's something worth mentioning.


Posted by Gerald at 10/23/2008 10:36:00 AM