Emerge 2007

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

If you're wondering where I disappeared to the past few days, don't worry, I didn't abandon this place.

I was spending time with God.

Emerge 2007 was a spectacular conference, not so much because of the various activities that took place, but because God really revealed Himself to me throughout these four days. I took back a lot from the conference, and it was absolutely amazing.

The first session was about Shamgar, and about the power of One. It was about young people and aspirations, young people and dreams, and young people with the gospel. I took home the strength to believe that He has a great purpose for me.

Session two was about Jacob, and about how even though he was a supplanter, a schemer, a swindler, a trickster... despite ALL his flaws, he had ONE thing that really moved God; Spiritual Hunger. We have to continually hunger for Him, to love Him, to seek Him and to cling on to Him, and only by doing that will He respond. Jacob wrestled with God, refusing to let go of Him, until something happened. This is again talking about the brokenness of heart, and I'm really praying and holding on to God that I will continue to be broken before Him, and that this won't be a one off thing.

Session 3 was a presentation of the Cultural Mandate, which was kind of a rehash.

The fourth session talked about courage and perseverance. It's about having faith in Him, even though we may not have faith in ourselves. We have to always walk with God, seek after Him, go for the things which He calls us to go for, so that we can shine for Him in the marketplace. I took home the need to always do our best in what God has called us to do, and that would be something that requires faith in Him, because trials and obstacles are bound to come. However, it is important to remember to replace the "I" with Christ, so that He can use us. The cultural mandate cannot be fulfilled if we are not broken to Him!

The fifth session was unplanned, as God led us a different way from what was supposed to happen. The message was very simple. It's all about LOVE! The simple question of this: Jesus asks, "Do you love Me?", or rather, "Do you AGAPE Me?" The full importance of this statement can be found when John 21:15 is read. Jesus is not asking whether we philleo Him, but whether we agape Him. Agape is unconditional love, even despite trials and tribulations and rejection. I remember being asked before whether I'd be willing to die for Him, and the honest answer I gave back then was No, I don't think I had the faith for it. This time, I would say yes... because I DO agape Him.

The next session was evangelistic, and it was a simple message about how Jesus is light, and He is therefore th provider of life, the provider of vision, and the one who dispels darkness. The second point was very important to me.

Finally, the last session closed with a great message about the trumpet. The trumpet of God has been sounding since the time of Moses, to Joshua, to Samuel, to David, to the prophets like Elijah and Elisha, to Joel, to the angels, to Jesus, to Simon Peter, to Paul, to John, to the heroes of the faith like Martin Luther and John Wesley... Now the trumpet is in OUR hands. God gave it to us, what are we going to do with it? We ought to recognise the seasons we're in, and right now, it's Harvest Time!

The thing which really burdened me throughout the conference was my lack of vision. It's not that I don't have visions and goals and dreams, but I'm looking for one greater and higher than just 'achieving good results, get a good job etc'. I'm seeking God for something much bigger for me to run for. I still don't know yet what it is, but I'm not giving up on asking it from Him. I pray everyday that You show me what is it that You want me to do, to open my eyes and let me see the things which You have called me to. I'm not looking at my talents or my achievements, but to Your directions. This is the cry of my heart, that I can see the things which You ask me to go for!

I'm thankful for the many great things that have happen so far. I'm feeling really close to God now, so much closer than I've ever been before. This is truly a wonderful journey to have with Christ! Thank you Emerge 2007!

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Posted by Gerald at 6/05/2007 03:36:00 PM