Friday, April 29, 2005

Well, it's been a VERY erm... eventful week. I've had FOUR papers thus far and I KNOW I did my best to study for all of them. It started out very well, with the first paper pretty much doable; I completed just about everything I could, so the exams started out on a good note. However, it deteriorated as the week progressed. EE was tough, I completed about 75% of the paper, which was about all that I could do given the time. Then came math, and my goodness, the lecturer must be out to totally crush our morale. I would have done pretty well had I understood the question, but about 50% of the paper left me in the dark. And finally today, Digital Logic and Design, that too was a total killer, having not enough time to attempt all questions. I really think that it would've been justified to be down the entire week... except I think I'm really not. I dunno. I just feel a sense of detachment, kind of like it's not worth the worry, even though logically I think I should be very worried now. Guess the peace of God can be really amazing.

Right now, I'm also studying for my last paper, which is my Singapore Studies module on the Evolution of a Global City State. Interestingly, I'd thought I would score on at least this module, but that somehow failed to happen. I wrote a term paper and rewrote the whole thing when I found that it was not up to standard, but still I didn't manage to exactly score in that paper. I guess I should've S/U'd the module, but it was not something I really wanted to do if there was a chance I could do well. I'm just going to have to trust God again for his provision.

The one thing that comes to mind now is what I remember one Pastor Jim Yost sharing with me a while back; It's when you put yourself in at the edge and say, "God if you don't do something I'm going to fall" that you see miracles happen. Not implying that we should intentionally play the whole semester and hope to do well (I admit I played but I really studied for the exams >.<) but even after all that hard work, and the situation is as such, the only thing you can do is pray for God to work his miracles. I believe that He will do it for me!

Right now I should go back to studying. There's just ONE MORE paper left, and then I can use the time to catch up on sleep, and do some other stuff that's been screaming for my attention. Signing off...

Posted by Gerald at 4/29/2005 02:26:00 PM