Monday, May 02, 2005

Holidays are cool, except for one thing... All the things you wanted to do after your exams? Well, you never really get down to doing them. So I wrote a list of things to do before my exams. They include: Learning PHP, Thinking about the script for next year's concert, playing DOTA, redesigning this site, fix my Suse Linux and probably a couple more which I've forgotten. In any case, it's good that I'm reading up a bit on PHP. I'm trying to use it to redesign my site, but I realised that I can't manipulate the database except those fields given by Blogspot™ and other third party companies. So that leaves me with modifying normal Blogspot™ templates.

I'm enjoying life... I'll go for tea now so I'll continue later. ^_^


I cleaned up the comp suite today. It wasn't really in a very bad state, so I could do it myself. It's quite ok now except that it's not vacuumed... and I don't intend to do it just yet. So at least ONE thing is out of the way.

PHP is fun. I seriously kind of enjoy knowing that I can 'program' a webpage, but it's good to have a real purpose for it. My blog for instance, instead of any old page. Still, interacting with a database would NOT be particularly easy to implement, and I seriously need to know HOW to do it. That will come during the holidays... I hope...

Packed up some clothes and my miscellaneous items today. I've got tomorrow to finish everything, but I've settled with throwing a lot of stuff away. Hopefully I can move out without any inconveniences.

Ok, I won't write too much. Game starting soon, so I'm off.

Posted by Gerald at 5/02/2005 03:13:00 PM