Concert Update

Monday, October 08, 2007

Comm Hall week is over. A lot of things happened. At this point, I guess I'm looking forward to seeing how everything will turn out. As mentioned in my past two posts, It's been pretty much up and down for concert, with a very interesting climax last Friday. Apparently the first run was disastrous. Again, after much rebuking and encouragement, they managed to put up a spectacular second run. A lot of drama was involved, and I'm not sure if it's suitable to be shown here. Do ask if you want to know what happened exactly.

In any case, it's finally UCC week. There are many things which should happen and it's going to be a busy, tiring week for everyone. Still, I don't see why I can't look forward to an exciting show this weekend. I've seen what these bunch of people can do, and I have every faith in them that they can put up a good show. No one can deny that they've put in a lot of sweat and blood, and if nothing else, I believe in them.

Here's to a great show this weekend!

PS: Cast people, please do get rest so that you can be focussed this weekend.

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Posted by Gerald at 10/08/2007 04:19:00 PM