Handball Match

Friday, February 02, 2007

Finally, the first match will be tomorrow. Nothing much to say except there have been delays and FINALLY there's a chance for us to play. I have mixed feelings about it, but in the end, I guess I'm looking forward to it. Praying for protection against injury and that nothing will go wrong. Hoping for a win against EH.

Got a small part in a government advertisement with some lines. Apparently they'll call me. Yes, it's a MINOR role, so they won't pay all that much... I thought they'd pay more but well... at least I'm getting paid... >.<

Rev. Dr. A. R. Bernard's message last Saturday was one to remember. It was on the 28th of January 2007 and the message was about how your greatest value in life is your value to God. It really hit the spot after what I shared with sis just before attending the service. I really felt that message was specifically sent by God for me. Thank You so much! And no, I'm not blind or ignorant, so I will accept it if it is what You want. Don't worry, I'll still hold my head up! Thanks for putting up with me...

Well, calling it a night. I unfortunately can't keep very far ahead of work since most of my lecturers have a 'last minute put out tutorials and notes' habit. 3 hour lecture tomorrow...

Posted by Gerald at 2/02/2007 03:09:00 AM