Taiwan Closure

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Only my second Taiwan post and I'm already getting ready to go back. Taipei has been a lot less hectic than the previous parts of the trip, with mostly only shopping on the list of things to do.

Places we visited: Ximending, Shilin, Taipei 101, Danshui and Liufoochun. Don't know if I missed any other place.

In as few words as I can: Lots of things to see, not a lot of things that made me want to buy. Fun. Tiring. One can only do so much shopping.

I think this trip taught me that I'm more suited to shop at 'higher class' places, because as great a bargain as Bugis street lookalikes may have, they serve nothing that suits my tastes, nor is the shopping experience particularly suitable for me.

Heading back tomorrow. As great as Taiwan is, after a while, you kind of get a little tired of the dreary weather. I'm particularly averse to wet weather so yes, I'm also particularly unhappy about the weather. It was still very fun though, and I'm quite glad I came along for this trip. Too bad it's time to bid adieu!

Posted by Gerald at 6/14/2008 10:37:00 PM